Every day, millions of people across the world are missing one of the most important
parts of their diet and don’t even know it. An epidemic is sweeping the globe as malnourished
ears have been starved for over a decade of stimulating, thought provoking, uplifting music.

The problem is increasing with every passing year as corporate radio saturates the
airwaves with synthetic “fast food” PRODUCT where MUSIC once reigned. We used to
hear songs that inspired, invoked emotions and made social statements instead of
today’s main focus that seems to be more like commercials for the latest foot wear, “bling”,
cars and promotion of an empty life-style. Where is this going?

Where will our future musicians be now that the market demands image over musicianship?
Who will be the next great horn player or guitarist when the works of Miles and Jimi lie buried
and unable to inspire a new generation of potential artists? Who’s going to bake the
bread when the bakers are all dead and gone?

We’ve starved long enough.
Breakfast is now being served.


The New Funk Order exists to ensure the continual freedom of music and the arts.
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